Production Procedure

Production procedure

01. Receiving PO

Production Manager receive PO from customer, review PO, check the material safety in stock, delivery schedule.

02. Making Production Plan

  1. Production Staff prepare Master Production Plan based on confirmed PO, if needed, update production plan as well.
  2. Production Staff make the estimated material request to Purchasing Department by email.

03. Cutting Work

  1. Production Staff issue Daily Work Order (DWO) to Foreman based on Master Production Plan
  2. Part leader prepare Cutting Management & provide Cutting Program for laser CNC cutting machines, water jet cutting machine & other cutting machines.
  3. Foreman distribute DWO for each process.

04. Grinding Work

  1. Operators cut materials (plates, bar, ...) follow DWO
  2. Cutted steel plates and bars shall be bevelled according to the approval welding maps.
  3. QC inspect after completed process

If plates and bars is out of tolerance:

  • Which can be repaired, conducting to cut and bevel (only steel plate/Bar) again.
  • Which can't be repaired, scrap it and make the report.

05. Drilling / Punching / Marking / Bending / Bevelling Work

  1. Production Staff prepare marking number for each project.
  2. Grinding leader check drawings and DWO, then inform to grinding workers to grind platforms and brackets.
  3. Grinding leader checks surface status.
  4. Drilling/Punching /Marking operators drill/punch the grinded steel Platforms or brackets based on Daily Work Order.
  5. QC inspect after completed drilling/punching process and then do fit-up if inspection result passed.

06. Fit-up & Welding Work

  1. Fit-up operators follow Daily Work Order and weld platforms & brackets based on DWO.
  2. QC inspect after fit-up process completed.

07. GalvanizingWork

Some customers require to galvanize platforms and brackets
- QC do inspection after completed fabrication work
- Deliver to Galvanizing company.

08. Inspection Work

QC inspect the quality of finished product

09. Package & Shipping