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O-SUNG VINA WIND TOWER (100% Korean investment capital) is the mechanical engineering companies in Vietnam specialize in designing and producing internal parts and components for wind tower industry with the utmost competitive capabilities.

Our factory located in Phu My 1 Industrial Zone, Ba Ria Vung Tau province is equipped many equipments with modern technology and fully prepared for contingencies in order to actualize smooth working process. We currently produce and supply markets with excellent-quality products for use in wind tower industry, all of which require advanced technology and the highest quality.

We are always one step ahead in offering highly occuracy and reliability products and in developing technoligical innovations that can satisfy an unlimited number of customer requirements, even in the most demanding industrial conditions


Through our available production equipment and highly skilled labor; we offer cost-effective production, assembly and kitting of structures and components for towers, such as:

Door Frame/ Door Plate

Internal parts

Steel/Aluminum Flatforms

Welding Parts

Lifting & Lashing Lug

MPCM Platform & Knee Bracket

Transpotation TEQ

With customer value as its top priority at all times, O-SUNG VINA is committed to the contentment of its clients and is ready to serve in wherever its clients are. We will always put ourselves in customer’s positions under any requests, aim at the needs of the customer to understand customers’ expectations, put the customer first, the customer is always a priority.

Our focus on the wind energy industry enables us to optimize our production processes to offer the shortest lead times and the widest flexibility, allowing us to meet variations in customer’s demand. We boost quality in manufacturing operations with high performing, precise, reliable and high-quality products and services.


Because our prime concern is the satisfaction of our customers
The values that customers received

01. Technical support for machining and design solution

With experienced experts in wind tower industry, O-SUNG VINA always considers and gives optimal solutions to meet customer’s requirements for each project.

02. Source of input raw materials

Raw material is sourced from Korea, China, Vietnam ... and from well known steel mills. All raw material sourced will follow international standards such as ASTM, BS, JIS, etc. It ensures the stability and long life of products.

03. Quality assurance

All our products are manufactured under ISO 9001:2005 Quality Management system; ISO14000: 2015 & ISO 45001: 2018 ensuring the products meet international quality standards.

04. On time delivery

A 12,350m2 workshop located in adjacent to the Thi Vai-Cai Mep river port and 50km away from HCM Cat Lai port, we seize convenient transportation for oversea shipments.

05. Competitive price

Highly experienced labor, advanced machinery, automated design software allow O-SUNG VINA to bring customers a solution with the most competitive prices.

06. Immediate response

With the participation of project management team, O-SUNG VINA is always dedicated to support and take care of customers’ urgent request and change in plan flexibly.


  • Manufacturing steel, aluminum structures, and other accessories for wind towers


  • Make commitments on every contract signed
  • Provide Platform/TEQ/ weld parts timely
  • Deliver competitive products, while satisfying technical requirements and quality standards
  • Constantly strive to improve our product and service, based on customer feedback to improve customer satisfactions.
  • Always committed to find a Win-Win Approach for mutual prosperity.

our priority is quality

O-SUNG VINA deeply cares about product quality, and constantly make efforts to improve the quality; ensuring that all products delivered to our customers are the highest of quality with minimal defects.

Our top priority is to promote, expand, and maintain the quality of our company and the satisfaction of customers.

Quality management is not only limited to the quality of the products, but also forming the framework for a comprehensive system which includes all other organizational aspects.


To become a No.1 company in the world with quality and price competitiveness in Wind Tower internals.

We’re ready to:

  • Improve our capabilities to meet the needs of customers, pursue mutual developments, and strive for a long term partnership.
  • Develop innovative products that can meet the potential needs of customers based on customer trusts.


Growth: Continuous growth and expansion of business in more variable customers and regions.

Operational Efficiency: By focusing on developing and maintaining its quality capacity, the company ensure its products and services meet the customers’ expectations.

Products and services: Promote business activities aiming the highest level of quality, price competitiveness, and on time delivery.

"Listening to the voice of customers, fulfilling their needs and expectations and building a strong partnership with them is the key to the success of O-SUNG VINA and contributes to the success of
O-SUNG VINA’s customers."


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